Thinking about tomorrow, today

As a forward-thinking business, the Reedbut Group understands the need for commitment to the environment to ensure both economic and environmental sustainability. Our environmental policy and actions underpin the quality of the product and service that we deliver; through continuous monitoring, we are able to reduce our environmental impact.

We work with our customers, suppliers and external agencies to reduce our impact on the environment, constantly reviewing how we operate in our plant and offices. The Reedbut Group FSC certification allows us to identify, purchase and use wood, paper, and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources.

A cleaner way


Minimising pollution through the efficient use of materials, supplies and energy is at the heart of our environmental policy.  Already we have reduced the energy used in heating our manufacturing facility by returning the warm air drawn from the machines when the waste is being extracted.

Furthermore, our factories are fitted with motion sensory lights and we have installed electric car charging ports for staff and visiting guests.

Over our three manufacturing sites, we ensure that all waste materials are recycled.

Material grades & DST testing

Reedbut are very aware that not all paper grades offered by the board mills are the same. Despite claims to the contrary, equivalent board grades from suppliers can vary by 30% in the performance they offer. We consciously source different grades of board from sheet feeders dependant on their performance which we routinely monitor.

By talking to clients about their products we acquire an understanding of the contents they are shipping and their expectations of the boxes. We then design an appropriate and reliable package with the correct board grade for that job. The performance of the final box meets, and usually exceeds, the customers requirements. To help us do this we utilise DST, Dynamic Stiffness Testing.

The DST process measures the natural angular frequency of a sample when it is rotated with a known mass attached. (i.e. the sample is twisted and released and the oscillations observed), the pattern of these oscillations is directly proportional to the torsional stiffness and therefore the overall performance of the box.

Finally, during manufacture, we utilise a Zero Crush conversion process. This maintains the integrity of the board we purchase and the process also enhances the print quality on the board.

‘Green’ packaging solutions

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, yet economical packaging solution to fit your needs, ask the expert team here at the Reedbut Group.

We provide premium packaging solutions to a diverse mix of clients across many sectors. Our experienced designers will custom build an environmentally friendly and efficient packaging solution to manage and even exceed your expectations.

Corrugated board is king!

Our corrugated board is sustainably produced using a high percentage of recycled materials, and we are proud to source FSC® material for all of our customers.

We often write about our sustainability efforts on our blog, head over there to find out more.