Packaging Intelligence with Reedbut

By November 1, 2020News

Reedbut offers a Packaging Intelligence Service, every time.

Put simply, we guarantee a dedicated Technical Designer to manage the project from concept to delivery. They will review the packaging requirements and processes to identify cost savings from the outset.


Our Packaging Intelligence Service will evaluate and recommend the most cost-effective solutions for:

  • Productivity
  • Customer Experience
  • Damages
  • Sustainability / Environmental Impact
  • Storage / Transport




Other benefits to choosing Packaging Intelligence by Reedbut:


  • Access to the latest packaging innovations and manufacturing technologies
  • Packaging designed with the latest CAD technology
  • Fast track process for design and sampling
  • A tailored solution that is appropriate for your business






Case Study: Charles Tyrwhitt, London






This prestigious Retail/Fashion e-commerce client in London wanted a secure e-com pack, considerately manufactured from recycled material and completely free of plastic, tape and glue.

Their original pack (as below) failed to meet their expectations.

Our Solution

Our E-Lok box was a perfect fit. Not only is it tamper-evident and self-locking, but it is also 100% recyclable. Our E-Lok boxes are fast to assemble and easy to open, perfect for resealable returns.



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