E-Commerce Packaging Suppliers

By June 22, 2018News

We specialise in manufacturing e-commerce corrugated/cardboard packaging and we have worked with brands such as Bloom & Wild, L’Occitane and Moët Hennessy. Utilising the skills of our in house design and manufacturing teams we have helped these businesses deliver their products directly to their customers, promoting the brand and protecting the product at the same time.

We can offer:

Taped Products – ensuring quick assembly during the packing process and a positive experience for the customer when opening the package.

Taped Products

Printing on both sides of the packaging – promoting the brand both outside and inside the package, as appropriate.

Stock holding – providing buffer stocks for immediate delivery at periods of high or unexpected demand.

Stock holding

Design Service using our wealth of experience to develop packaging that both promotes and protects the product.

Design Service